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2022 Meeting Theme

Social Determinants of Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, so much matters: where you live, what air you breathe, what education you’re afforded, whether you face racism, and many other factors. At the 2022 APA Annual Meeting, we will complement our usual discussions of breaking psychiatric science, clinical updates, and hot topics in our field with this timely and underlying theme.

As we prepare for the first in-person APA meeting since 2019, the social determinants of mental health have become incredibly relevant: not just to us at APA, but to all in the health space, and in the halls of power in Washington.

We are seeing more of a vibrant discussion than ever before of these issues; and mental health is truly emerging as a central part of that as well as the wider national conversation. As members of Congress cite the psychiatric impacts of poor postpartum care when drafting legislation, and Olympians tell us they need mental health break, we have an opportunity to discuss how factors outside our offices and hospitals can impact the lives of many with mental illness and substance use disorder across the country.

Learn how understanding the social determinants might help you re-conceptualize mental illness and rethink the best approaches to helping your patients and the disparities they face.

Improve how you go beyond biology & psychology in your patient evaluations and treatment plans. Be challenged in how you might understand and confront the socio-environmental factors impacting your patients.

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