2021 Meeting Theme

Finding Equity Through Advances in Mind & Brain in Unsettled Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacted a heavy toll. It has also laid bare many of the historic inequalities that have persisted in our society—issues that have predated the pandemic and will carry on beyond it.

In these unsettled times, we are presented with an unparalleled opportunity to address disparities in health care delivery and pursue a meaningful and equitable future for our patients and the field of psychiatry. This work is critical as we face a pandemic of mental illness that will persist long after COVID-19 infections subside. To move forward, we must place an emphasis on increasing the quality of treatment, while continuing to work on eliminating the barriers that prevent patients from accessing mental health and substance use services.

The scientific program for the 2021 Annual Meeting will examine the concept of equity in all its forms, through the conceptual lenses of both the mind & the brain. From disparities across the provision of health care to people of different races, to how patients with mental illness are treated compared to patients with other health issues, to how the flaws in our nation’s mental health care system exacerbate these issues—the more we understand both the interplay of the mind and the brain—the better we will be able to determine appropriate treatments for our patients and assert the position of psychiatry in medicine.

The theme of this year's Annual Meeting is dedicated to this work. As social justice issues rightly take their place at the forefront of the national conversation, the 2021 educational program will feature renowned experts and learning opportunities to help you respond to the challenges you face in your practice and advance equity both within our profession and more broadly in society. General sessions will offer you many opportunities to get updates on a breadth of diverse topics, ranging from the practical to the philosophical.

Major featured topics include racism, climate change, health equity, technology, COVID-19, trauma, social determinants in community functioning, and generational development. We will also examine all aspects of mental health care through the science and art of medicine.

Join us online this May for rich discussions and cutting-edge educational sessions that will help you sharpen your clinical skills and cast light on how we can meet the challenges of the moment together.