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Practice Management

Information about Recent ChangeHealthcare Cybersecurity Attack

ChangeHealthcare, a subsidiary of United Healthcare, experienced a cybersecurity attack that has impacted insurance payments going to hospitals and health practices. UnitedHealth Group/UnitedHealthcare is providing the latest information and resources related to managing the impacts of this attack on their website: Information on the Change Healthcare Cyber Response - UnitedHealth Group

Financial Assistance

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has announced an opportunity for physicians impacted by the cyberattack and resulting disruptions with ChangeHealthcare to request advanced Medicare payments to help with cash flow disruptions. The details of the program, terms, and the steps needed to apply can be found in the links below.

CPT Coding and Reimbursement

The Current Procedure Terminology (CPT) code set is used to denote the medical and surgical procedures and diagnostic services rendered by clinicians. The CPT coding system provides a uniform language for describing these services for all billing and documentation and, under HIPAA, is required to be used to record care by all health care professionals in the United States.

Health Information Technology

APA’s EHR resource page will help guide you through the health information technology (HIT) process and provide information on evaluating EHR vendors, EHR educational materials and tools, software listings and reviews, and a glossary of terms


A wide-range of resources and information on Medicare for members of the American Psychiatric Association.

Practice Management Guides

Do you need help with common practice management issues? Discover APA's guides for many common problems facing psychiatrists.

Starting a Practice

An online reference guide for any psychiatrist thinking of starting or changing a practice.

Closing a Practice

This valuable guide was written by the APA to assist you, families, and colleagues with planning and risk management at the practice level in the event of an unforeseen, emergency closing.

Practice Management Helpline

Members of the American Psychiatric Association can contact the Practice Management Helpline for answers to their questions.

No Surprises Act Implementation

Learn more about the implementation of the “No Surprises Act” (the Act), which allows for patient financial protections that impact health plans, physicians, and facilities, will apply to psychiatrists in certain circumstances.

Telepsychiatry Toolkit

APA's Telepsychiatry Toolkit — developed by the APA Work Group on Telepsychiatry — is an evolving resource for members who want to learn about the various aspects of telepsychiatry, including clinical, training, and policy considerations.

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