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Practice Management

No Surprises Act (NSA) Regulations Effective January 1, 2022

Important information for those providing care in outpatient settings to patients who are uninsured or self-pay or shopping for care.

As you are aware, regulations have been recently finalized that require certain patient protections to address concerns about surprise bills. These protections not only address emergency care but include disclosure requirements for all uninsured or self-pay services, including services provided in outpatient/office settings, and will, at some point in the future, also include patients with insurance. These regulations formalize some of what you already do when communicating your fees to patients seeking care or for whom you are providing care. View a summary of key requirements along with links to templates here. APA will update this information as we learn more.

Important information for those providing emergency services and inpatient care in facilities

The No Surprises Act (NSA) also aims to address situations in which patients receive surprise medical bills when they inadvertently or unknowingly receive care from an out-of-network provider. These new protections ban surprise billing for emergency services and certain non-emergency services provided in patient at facilities. View a summary of key requirements along with links to templates here. APA will update this information as we learn more.

Health Information Technology

APA’s EHR resource page will help guide you through the health information technology (HIT) process and provide information on evaluating EHR vendors, EHR educational materials and tools, software listings and reviews, and a glossary of terms

Practice Management Guides

Do you need help with common practice management issues? Discover APA's guides for many common problems facing psychiatrists.

Starting a Practice

An online reference guide for any psychiatrist thinking of starting or changing a practice.

Closing a Practice

This valuable guide was written by the APA to assist you, families, and colleagues with planning and risk management at the practice level in the event of an unforeseen, emergency closing.

Practice Management Helpline

Members of the American Psychiatric Association can contact the Practice Management Helpline for answers to their questions.

No Surprises Act Implementation

Learn more about the implementation of the “No Surprises Act” (the Act), which allows for patient financial protections that impact health plans, physicians, and facilities, will apply to psychiatrists in certain circumstances.

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