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Each year APA honors individuals for career recognition, lifetime service, outstanding research, and other categories that improve the lives of people with mental illness. Below, you will find a summary of all APA awards.

Administrative Psychiatry Award

The Administrative Psychiatry Award recognizes an individual for major contributions to the management of mental health services delivery systems.

Adolf Meyer Award

The Adolf Meyer Award honors an individual for lifetime achievement in psychiatric research.

Alexandra Symonds Award

The Alexandra Symonds Award recognizes and honors a female psychiatrist who has made significant contributions to promoting women’s health and the advancement of women.

Assembly Profile of Courage Award

Assembly Profile of Courage award recognizes an APA member who has, at risk to her/his professional and personal status, taken an ethical stand against intimidating pressure for the good of patient care and in keeping with APA Principles of Ethics.

Award for Research in Psychiatry

The Award for Research in Psychiatry recognizes a single distinguished contribution, a body of work, or a lifetime contribution that has had a major impact on the field and/or altered the practice of psychiatry.

Blanche F. Ittleson Award

The Blanche F. Ittleson Award recognizes outstanding and published research in child and adolescent psychiatry that has resulted in, or promises to lead to, a significant advance in promoting the mental health of children.

Bruno Lima Award

The Bruno Lima Award in Disaster Psychiatry recognizes outstanding contributions of APA members in the care and understanding of the victims of disaster.

Carol Davis Ethics Award

The Carol Davis Ethics Award promotes the educational role of the ethics process and is presented to an APA member who has authored an outstanding publication on ethics.

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