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Health Anxiety Fueled by Online Searching

Most people worry about their health sometimes—more than two-thirds of us are anxious about our health, according to an American Psychiatric Association national poll released in May. We may do a quick Google search, take a look on WebMD or use a handy symptom checker for some basic information and reassurance. But for some, the worry and anxiety become severe, intense and persistent. The extensive amounts of health information easily available on the internet may worsen the problem.

Lessons on Fighting Stigma from “Far From the Tree”

A newly released documentary deals with extreme situations faced by families, including the stigma around mental illness, and the journey that families must take as the parents and children come to accept one another for who they are.

Does frequent digital media use contribute to ADHD?

Does very frequent use of digital media contribute to ADHD in adolescents? That’s the question explored in a recent study by researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of California San Diego (UCSD). The researchers found an association between frequent use of digital media (such as social media, texting and online video watching) and increased symptoms of ADHD among adolescents.

Inflammation and Depression: Complicated Connections

Growing evidence shows an association between depression and inflammation. But the connections are complex and not well understood. Understanding these links is important because it could lead to better depression treatment, especially for the many people who don’t respond to traditional treatments.

Reducing Stress with a Walk in the Forest

For many people, a walk in the forest has long been a relaxing and rejuvenating escape from daily stresses. There is growing medical evidence that a stroll through the forest is much more, evidence identifying the physical and mental health benefits. Proponents of the mental health benefits refer to a more structured therapeutic practice called forest therapy.