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APA's Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals


The American Psychiatric Association is to be the premier psychiatric organization that advances mental health as part of general health and well-being.


The mission of the American Psychiatric Association is to

  • promote universal and equitable access to the highest quality care for all people affected by mental disorders, including substance use disorders;
  • promote psychiatric education and research;
  • advance and represent the profession of psychiatry; and
  • serve the professional needs of its membership.


  • High quality patient care
  • Highest ethical standards of professional conduct
  • Sensitivity and compassion for patients and their families
  • Health equity
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Patient-centered treatment
  • Scientific research
  • Advocacy for patients
  • Advocacy for the profession
  • Lifelong professional learning
  • Collegiality
  • Respect for and collaboration with all health professionals


To promote the rights and best interests of patients and those actually or potentially making use of psychiatric services for mental illness, including substance use disorders.

  • To improve access to and quality of psychiatric services.
  • To improve research into all aspects of mental illness, including causes, prevention, and treatment of psychiatric disorders.
  • To improve psychiatric education and training.
  • To promote optimal conditions for practice and career satisfaction.
  • To foster collaboration among all who are concerned with medical, psychological, socio-cultural and legal aspects of mental health and illness.
  • To improve functioning of the APA in the service of its mission.

APA's Board-Approved Recommendations on Strategic Planning are available here.

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