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APA Public Opinion Polls

Annual Public Opinion Polls 

APA’s Healthy Minds Monthly tracks timely mental health issues among a representative sample of American adults throughout the year. APA also conducts an annual Healthy Minds Poll each May in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month.

November 2023
Latest Monthly Poll

November 2023

Small Acts of Kindness Make Most Americans Feel Better

Healthy Minds Monthly Polls

71% of americans say they'd know how to get a friend or family member help with addiction

September 2023

Most Americans Believe They’d Know How to Get Help for a Loved One Living with Addiction; Define Recovery as “Being Able to Function Better in Life”

54% of parents say they are comfortable with the use of augmented intelligence in mental health care

August 2023

New Poll Finds the Public Perceives Psychiatry as Innovative, But Show Caution on Using New Treatments

65% of people engage in creative activities in their free time, and 46% said they did so to relieve stress and anxiety

July 2023

Americans Who Engage in Creative Activities at Least Weekly Report Better Mental Health

Annual Public Opinion Polls 2017 - Present

APA’s Healthy Minds Monthly has been tracking timely mental health issues among American adults since Dec. 2021 and APA has been conducting its Annual Poll each year during Mental Health Awareness Month since 2017. See past editions of the monthly and annual polls.

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