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Resident Leadership Opportunities

Residents with an interest in organizational psychiatry can apply for these leadership positions:

  • Resident-Fellow Member (RFM) Trustee
  • Assembly Committee of RFMs
  • APA Representative to the AMA-RFS
  • Resident Representative to the RRC

Nationally Elected Leadership Position: Resident-Fellow Member Trustee (RFMT)

Each year, a Resident-Fellow Member Trustee Elect is elected at large and serves on the Board for one year without a vote. At the end of that year, the Resident-Fellow Member Trustee Elect advances to Resident-Fellow Member Trustee and serves on the Board for one year with voting privileges. These positions provide national APA leadership opportunities specifically for Resident-Fellow Member. The Resident-Fellow Member Trustee (with vote) and Resident-Fellow Member Trustee Elect (without vote) are members of the Board of Trustees, the governing body of the APA. The power to make policy is vested in the Board, and the Board's primary function is to formulate and implement the policies of the Association.

Assembly Committee of Area Resident-Fellow Members (ACORF)

The Assembly Committee of Area Resident-Fellow Members (or ACORF) provides Assembly representation for members of the American Psychiatric Association who are enrolled in psychiatric residency and fellowship training programs. Committee members are elected by their Area Councils (seven in all), and serve two sequential one-year terms: the first as Area RFM Member Deputy Representative, and the second as Area RFM Representative. Area RFM Representatives are voting members of the Assembly while Deputy Representatives are not. ACORF members serve on Assembly committees, including the Rules committee, Reference committees, the Assembly Executive Committee, and the Assembly Committee of Planning.

APA Representative to the AMA Resident & Fellow Section

The American Medical Association Resident and Fellows Section (AMA-RFS) was created by the AMA in 1974 to represent and advocate for resident and fellow physicians and to train young physician leaders. The APA has two resident-fellow positions in AMA-RFS, a delegate and an alternate delegate, who are part of a greater APA delegation at AMA meetings. Nominations for the delegate positions are accepted every year as terms of current representatives expire. Resident nominees must be both APA and AMA members and be in residency/fellowship training during the duration of the two-year appointment term.

Resident Representative to the Residency Review Committee

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is a private, nonprofit council that evaluates and accredits residency programs in the United States. The ACGME has 28 Review Committees for each of the specialties. Members of the Residency Review Committees (RRCs) are appointed by the AMA Council on Medical Education and the appropriate medical specialty boards and organizations. The APA is a member organization of the RRC in Psychiatry. The APA sends two nominations to the RRC in Psychiatry for its resident member position. Nominees must be able to serve a two-year term before finishing training in Psychiatry or subspecialty fellowship.

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