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Minority and Underrepresented (M/UR) Caucuses

APA Minority and Underrepresented (M/UR) Caucuses provide networking opportunities, advance treatment of minority patient populations, advocate for minority mental health issues, provide representation in APA governance, and foster communication among members who share interests. There are caucuses for the following groups:

APA members may join an M/UR Caucuses by updating your caucus memberships in the member dashboard.

  • American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian
  • Asian-American
  • Black
  • Hispanic
  • International Medical Graduates
  • Women

Join M/UR Caucuses

To join, visit your member profile to update your caucus membership and submit.

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Membership in a caucus is free and is reserved for APA members. A member may enroll in more than one M/UR caucus but may vote and/or hold elected office in only one M/UR caucus.

Participation in a caucus is a pathway to: exploring concerns about professional growth and advancement; identifying, supporting, and electing top-notch M/URs for leadership posts; networking with members with shared backgrounds; advocating for minority patient populations; talking about key issue facing APA; initiating mentoring relationships; bringing concerns to APA leadership; and assuming leadership roles in APA.

Each M/UR caucus elects two representatives to the APA Assembly — a representative and a deputy representative. They have the same privileges and voting rights as APA district branch representatives.

View non-M/UR caucuses here.

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If you are having issues with enrolling in a caucus or would like more information, please contact [email protected].

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