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As the voice of modern psychiatry, APA works to advance the profession and promote the highest quality care for patients and their families. Through its advocacy efforts, APA educates the public about mental health, psychiatry and successful evidence-based treatments. Advocacy initiatives encompass legislative, regulatory, and political affairs. APA also helps our affiliated District Branches/State Associations and individual members achieve their advocacy goals.

APA Political Action Committee

APAPAC represents the profession of psychiatry and mental healthcare to the U.S. Congress. APAPAC is a non-partisan political action committee. APAPAC contributes to both Democrats and Republicans because legislation cannot pass without support from both political parties.

By working through the political process and supporting candidates committed to assuring the health and wellbeing of individuals suffering from mental health and substance use disorders, APAPAC is advancing the interests of psychiatry at all levels of government.

Through the financial contributions of its members, APAPAC works to elect members of Congress who demonstrate support for issues critical to psychiatry, our practices and our patients. APAPAC fights to make sure psychiatry is part of the process in determining policies that will impact mental health parity, network adequacy, federal scope of practice standards, Medicare funding, physician payment levels, mental health research, telepsychiatry, and residency education.

Congressional Advocacy Network

The Congressional Advocacy Network is APA’s political grassroots network. Our Congressional Advocacy Network Advocates serve as “key contacts” for their members of Congress so that when an important issue comes up before the U.S. Congress (like Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement for physicians and comprehensive mental health reform), APA can quickly get its message to members of Congress.

Federal Affairs

In our nation’s capital, APA leaders and Department of Government Relations staff advise Congress, the White House, and federal agencies on issues facing the medical specialty of psychiatry, our patients, and their families. APA advocates for quality and accessible mental health care by facilitating communication between psychiatrists and their legislators. Additionally, APAPAC works to elect Members to Congress who demonstrate support for psychiatry and mental health.

State Affairs

Around the country, APA provides assistance to District Branches/State Associations on state legislative and regulatory affairs.

Advocacy Action Center

APA grassroots network is the mechanism used by our members to directly communicate with their elected representatives in federal and state government. A strong grassroots network creates an equally strong bond between the concerns of APA membership and their legislators’ positions on important issues. This section includes votes and bill tracking, search engines for federal and state representatives, and media contacts.

Advocacy Action Center

Take action on behalf of psychiatry and individuals with mental health and substance use disorders.

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