Annual Meeting Facts

  • The Annual Meeting is booked at least ten years in advance to obtain the necessary meeting space and sleeping rooms. Dates are held through 2027 now.
  • We strive for a geographical rotation based on adequate accommodations and availability.
  • Approximately 5,000 hotel rooms are needed on peak night to house meeting attendees, exhibitors, and staff.
  • The commercial/educational exhibits, APA Central, APA Bookstore, and the registration area require a minimum of 225,000 gross square feet of space. Over 300 10x10 booths are used for the exhibit program.
  • Approximately 100-125 concurrent meeting rooms are used for scientific sessions, courses, allied and component activities, and operational office space.
  • About 150 temporary personnel are employed to assist with registration, course monitoring, etc.
  • During peak "people-moving" periods, about 50 motor coaches are in use.