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Lump Sum Dues

Take advantage of paying your APA national dues with a one-time, lump-sum payment this year and save money.

Lump Sum Dues Calculator


Frequently Asked Questions

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Either call or email (see contact information below) to request a Lump Sum Dues Contract. Or complete the request contract form and the contract will be sent to you. Once you submit the contract and payment, a confirmation letter will be sent.

Yes. The APA Bylaws require that members of the APA must also be members in good standing of a District Branch. A member must continue to pay District Branch dues and assessments (including Area Council and Chapter dues, if applicable), unless granted an exemption by the District Branch.

Your membership in the District Branch may be terminated for non-payment of dues, and your membership in the APA would be terminated as well. You would no longer receive APA benefits such as free copies of The American Journal of Psychiatry and Psychiatric News, member rate for registration at the Annual Meeting and IPS, member discounts on books and journals from APA Publishing, etc.

The deduction varies with a number of factors used in calculating the lump sum dues amount. The amount which can be deducted from your income as a business expense in the year in which the payments is made. It is recommended that you consult a tax advisor to determine the deductible amount.

Some of your payments go toward direct member benefits, such as subscriptions to The American Journal of Psychiatry and Psychiatric News. IRS rules require that these payments for “direct benefits” must be deducted in a small amount each year over the remaining years that you would have been paying APA dues. If you have any questions, we suggest you consult your tax preparer/ accountant.

No. A member who pays lump sum dues is exempt from any further APA national dues or APA assessments.

If you have already paid your current year APA national dues, that amount may be deducted from the lump sum payment if your lump sum payment is made prior to March 31st of the dues year.

The APA Board of Trustees has established an annuity-like fund into which lump sum dues payments will be deposited. The earnings from this fund will be used to pay the costs of annual benefits.

No. The lump sum dues amount is an irrevocable payment to the APA. It would not be returned under any circumstances. This is also true if you are expelled or your membership is otherwise terminated (e.g., for an ethics violation; if you lose your license to practice medicine, etc).

No. The lump sum dues amount is an irrevocable payment to the APA. However, the lump sum payment amount has been adjusted downward to reflect the expected mortality prior to the time that a member would otherwise have reached Life status.

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