A Guide to APA/APAF Medical Student Programs

American Psychiatric Association (APA) and American Psychiatric Association Foundation (APAF) are committed to investing in the future of psychiatry.

APA/APAF Medical Student Programs provide medical students who are interested in serving underserved communities the experiential learning, training, and professional development they need to be leaders in the field of psychiatry. These grants give medical students opportunities to travel to APA Meetings (Annual Meeting and The Mental Health Services Conference), receive mentorship from psychiatrists and leaders in the field, and more.

What Programs Are Offered?

APA/APAF awards over 40 medical students each year across five medical student programs. Learn more about each program application, eligibility requirements, and responsibilities.

2020–2021 Program Calendar

Annual Meeting Travel Scholarship

  • Nov. 1 – Application Opens
  • Jan. 31 – Application Closes
  • March – Award Notification
  • May 1-5 – Annual Meeting

Externship in Addiction Psychiatry and Summer Mentoring Program Scholarship

  • Nov. 1 – Application Opens
  • Jan. 31 – Application Closes
  • April – Award Notification
  • May-Sept. – Program Months

The Mental Health Services Conference Scholarship

  • Nov. 1 – Application Opens
  • Jan. 31 – Application Closes
  • June – Award Notification
  • Oct. 7-10 – The Mental Health Services Conference

Medical Student Elective in HIV

  • Jan. 1 – Application Opens
  • April 1 – Application Closes
  • May 1 – Award Notification
  • Aug-Sept. – Program Months

Application Resources

Additional Opportunities


Can an enrollment verification from the registrar of my institution count as my letter of good standing?


If I were awarded a scholarship, I’m eligible to apply for another scholarship in the future?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for multiple scholarships during your time in medical school.

How much is the award?

Pending funding, summer programs (Externship in Addiction Psychiatry and Summer Mentoring) participants receive a stipend of up to $1,500.

Can we mail hardcopies of the application?

No. Applications must be submitted via the online submission site. The unique link can be found on each program’s webpage.

Do I have to be an APA member?

No, you do not need to be an APA member to submit your application. However, if awarded a program, you must become an APA member before the time of matriculation in order to participate in the program.

Can my personal statement exceed one-page?

Not recommended. Please see the application requirements for the program you are applying for.