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Annual Meeting Press Registration + Guidelines

2024 APA Mental Health Services Conference

2025 APA Annual Meeting

  • Los Angeles, California
  • May 17 - 21, 2025

News Media Policy - Registration

Press registration at the APA annual meetings is extended to:

  • Working journalists on assignment, including photojournalists, videographers, producers, web-based media, writers of the general mental health and medical press, and news staff from journals.
  • Non-profit organization public relations staff may sign up to serve as the press liaisons for their group or organization (limit of two per organization). Call APA Communications, 202-459-9732, to register.

Press registration at APA annual meetings is NOT extended to:

  • Non-news editorial staff of publications
  • Advertising, marketing or publishing staff or administrative personnel
  • Freelance writers not on assignment from a media outlet
  • Communications/public relations staff persons from (or representing) a for-profit company
  • Organizations that primarily produce audio/video continuing education resources
  • Individuals based on previous registration (must re-credential each year)
  • Exhibitors

Press Guidelines

  • Information presented at the Annual Meeting is the responsibility of the presenters and does not represent the views, policies or positions of the APA. Any event not listed in the Annual Meeting program should not be reported as happening in association with or as having any relationship to APA.
  • Press may attend scientific sessions (except those limited to APA members) as observers, not participants. Interaction with presenters and attendees is permitted before and after the session.

Credentialed press who fail to comply with these guidelines will forfeit their press credentials and admittance to this Annual Meeting and possibly future APA meetings. APA reserves the right to deny or terminate press privileges to credentialed press or non-profit public relations staff at any time prior to or during the meeting.

CME credit will not be granted with press registration. Paid registration is required for CME credit.


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