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Participation Policy

The American Psychiatric Association's policy is to promote an environment of mutual respect, well-being, and collegiality at its meetings. APA values and benefits from the diverse opinions its members hold on the issues with which the Association and the psychiatric profession are confronted. All individuals at the meeting agree to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for health care professionals. This includes respect for the intellectual property of others, proper display and use of meeting badges, and the avoidance of aggressive or inappropriate behavior towards others. Individuals participating in APA sponsored meetings agree to listen respectfully to all views presented, be courteous to others regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the views presented, and to exhibit the professionalism and collegiality expected of psychiatrists. This includes being respectful of others in all interactions you may have with other attendees, speakers, and APA’s staff and vendors. Postings, messages, and any other content submitted by participants during the meeting may not contain promotional materials, advertisements, special offers, job announcements, product announcements, solicitations for service or any similar content. You may not record, broadcast or otherwise transmit in any format audio or video of any educational session, presentation, or other content of the meeting unless granted permission to do so by APA. You may not record, copy or take screen shots of any text from within the meeting virtual space (including Q&A and chat activity) unless granted permission to do so by APA. Your registration for the meeting is unique to you; you may not sell, trade, or otherwise share your personal event registration access information with any other individual. If an individual believes that these rules have been violated or acceptable social decorum has otherwise been breached, they shall contact APA staff to help with the situation. APA reserves the right to remove any posted content and to remove meeting access rights of any individual violating this policy and will not provide a refund. By registering for this meeting, you agree to abide by the Participation Policy as described above.

Important notice re COVID-19: Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination will be required for all individuals attending The Mental Health Services Conference in Washington, DC, October 13-14, 2022. All attendees will be required to show proof that they are fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved or given an emergency use authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the World Health Organization before being allowed to enter the Event facility. Additional information regarding the methods available to demonstrate proof of vaccination will be made available to all Event registrants in advance of the meeting. In addition, all individuals attending The Mental Health Services Conference will be required to follow all additional health and safety requirements in effect from the District of Columbia and/or the Capital Hilton at the time of the event and any other health and safety protocols established by APA.

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