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District Branch and State Association Dues for General Members

The APA and the District Branches have a dual membership requirement. Members must join both organizations. Members in California and New York should check with their district branch about requirements for membership in state associations. If you are seeking membership in California or New York please reference the List of Counties by District Branch for California or New York to determine your appropriate District Branch.

APA assists some District Branches and State Associations with dues collection but is not liable for any decisions or actions of the District Branches. District Branch dues range from $40–$719.

Once you submit your membership application you will be sent an invoice with exact amount of membership dues owed.

Download Important Tax Reporting Information for APA & DB/SA Dues (.pdf)

United States
Alabama Psychiatric Society
New York
New York State Psychiatric Association
Alaska District Branch
New York
Bronx District Branch
Arizona Psychiatric Society*
New York
Brooklyn Psychiatric Society, Inc.*
Arkansas Psychiatric Society*
New York
Central New York District Branch*
Central California Psychiatric Society*
New York
Genesee Valley Psychiatric Association
Northern California Psychiatric Society*

New York
Nassau Suffolk District Branch

Orange County Psychiatric Society*
New York
Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Society
San Diego Psychiatric Society*
New York
New York County District Branch*
Southern California Psychiatric Society*
New York
New York State Capital District Branch
Colorado Psychiatric Society*
New York
Northern New York District Branch
Connecticut Psychiatric Society
(Plus Assessment Fee)
New York
Queens County Psychiatric Society
Psychiatric Society of Delaware*
New York
Psychiatric Society of Westchester County, Inc.*
Florida Psychiatric Society*
(Plus Assessment Fee)
New York
West Hudson Psychiatric Society
Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association, Inc.*
New York
Western New York Psychiatric Society
Hawaii Psychiatric Medical Association*
North Carolina Psychiatric Association*
Idaho Psychiatric Association
North Dakota Psychiatric Society
Illinois Psychiatric Society*
Ohio Psychiatric Association*
Indiana Psychiatric Society*
Oklahoma Psychiatric Physicians Association*
Iowa Psychiatric Physician's Society*
Oregon Psychiatric Physicians Association*
Kansas Psychiatric Society
Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society*
Kentucky Psychiatric Medical Association*
Puerto Rico Psychiatric Society
Louisiana Psychiatric Medical Association*
Rhode Island Psychiatric Society
Maine Psychiatric Association*
South Carolina Psychiatric Association*
Maryland Psychiatric Society*
South Dakota Psychiatric Association
Massachusetts Psychiatric Society*
Tennessee Psychiatric Association*
Michigan Psychiatric Society*
Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians*
Minnesota Psychiatric Society*
Utah Psychiatric Association*
Mississippi Psychiatric Association, Inc.*
Vermont Psychiatric Association
Missouri Psychiatric Association
Psychiatric Society of Virginia, Inc.*
Montana Psychiatric Association
Washington, DC Psychiatric Society*
Nebraska Psychiatric Society*
Washington State Psychiatric Association*
Nevada Psychiatric Association
West Virginia Psychiatric Association
New Hampshire Psychiatric Society
Wisconsin Psychiatric Association
New Jersey Psychiatric Association*
Wyoming Psychiatric Society
Psychiatric Medical Association of New Mexico*
Society of Uniformed Services Psychiatrists*

Quebec & Eastern Canada
Western Canada

* Represents a gradual dues scale depending on years of General Membership.

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