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Well-being and Burnout

Take charge of your well-being.

An Urgent Issue for Psychiatrists and Medicine

It is estimated that 2 out of 5 psychiatrists have professional burnout.

Addressing this problem has become one of the most pressing issues for medicine. APA is committed to helping psychiatrists achieve well-being and addressing individual and system-level challenges which contribute to professional burnout.

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Helping Members and All Psychiatrists Achieve Well-being

Loss of autonomy, the electronic medical record, the changing role of the physician — these are just some of the elements that have been identified as contributing to burnout and loss of well-being in physicians. Physician depression can often impact or be mistaken for burnout. APA has joined with the American Medical Association, the National Academy of Medicine, and many other medical organizations to address this challenge. APA’s Committee on Psychiatrist Well-being and Burnout invites all psychiatrist to examine the curated resources found on this page.

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