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Council on Women's Mental Health

About the Council

The Council on Women’s Mental Health is responsible for prioritizing and advancing clinical knowledge and research related to the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric illnesses unique to women, the treatment of disorders during the reproductive years, the special risk factors and pharmacologic considerations unique to female patients, and health care access and outcome disparities associated with gender, including intersectional issues. The council facilitates the centralization of APA work related to women’s mental health, and serves as a source of information, guidance, and support for other APA components.

Highlights of Responsibilities

  • Works with other APA components to advise and assist on matters unique to women’s mental health.
  • Acts as APA’s expert on issues related to women’s mental health, providing the Administration or external partners with feedback on relevant policies, documents, and guidelines.
  • Addresses the clinical care and provision of services related to the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric illnesses and special risk factors of female patients.
  • Works to increase the awareness of outcome disparities and promotes policies aimed at improving women’s mental health across the lifespan.
  • Leads APA’s initiatives and policy development around timely and ongoing issues which impact women patients.

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