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Council on Minority Mental Health and Health Disparities

The Council on Minority Mental Health and Health Disparities represents and advocates for both minority and underserved populations and psychiatrists from those groups. The council seeks to reduce mental health disparities in clinical services and research, which disproportionately affect women and minority populations. The council aims to promote the recruitment and development of psychiatrists from minority and underrepresented groups both within the profession and in APA.

Highlights of Responsibilities

  • Increase awareness and understanding of cultural diversity and to foster the development of attitudes, knowledge, and skills in the areas of cultural competence through consultation, education, and advocacy within both the APA and the field of psychiatry and public policy.
  • In cooperation with other appropriate APA components, enhance the quality and quantity of medical education in addictive disorders, at all educational levels, including undergraduate, residency, fellowship, and continuing medical education
  • Develop psychiatric leadership from minority and underrepresented groups both within the profession of psychiatry and in APA.

Council Members

  • Walter Wilson, Jr., M.D. – Chair
  • Amir Ahuga, M.D.
  • Jai Gandhi, M.D.
  • Christina Khan, M.D.
  • Nubia Lluberes, M.D.
  • Pamela Montano, M.D.
  • Dimas Torado Morales, M.D.
  • Linda Nahula, M.D.
  • Louisa Olushoga, M.D. (ECP)
  • Oscar Perez, M.D. (ASM)
  • Steven M. Starks, M.D., M.B.A. – ASM M/UR Committee Chair

Corresponding Members

  • Shane Collins, M.D., M.Sc.
  • Anthony Kulukulualani, M.D.
  • Hannah Leo, M.D.


  • Amanda Calhoun, M.D., M.P.H. – SAMHSA Minority Fellow
  • Shane Collins, M.D. – Public Psychiatry Fellow
  • Devin Cromartie, M.D. – Diversity Leadership Fellow
  • Stefanie Gillson, M.D. – SAMHSA Minority Fellow
  • Crystal Han, M.D. – SAMHSA Minority Fellow
  • Jawad Husain, M.D. – SAMHSA Minority Fellow
  • Tricia Lemelle, M.D. – Diversity Leadership Fellow
  • Hannah Leo, M.D. – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow
  • Weei LoAllen, M.D. – Public Psychiatry Fellow
  • Juan Lopez, M.D. – SAMHSA Minority Fellow
  • Tram Nguyen, M.D. – SAMHSA Minority Fellow
  • Ozra Nobari, M.D. – Diversity Leadership Fellow
  • Bernice Ponce de Leon, M.D. – Diversity Leadership Fellow
  • Samuel Saenz, M.D. – Public Psychiatry Fellow

Staff Liaison

Fátima Reynolds, [email protected]

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