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Council on Medical Education and Lifelong Learning

The Council on Medical Education and Lifelong Learning monitors emerging issues and supports the development of resources and programs for psychiatric education in the United States at every level. These efforts include premedical education, medical education, graduate medical education for residents and fellows in psychiatry (both basic education and subspecialty areas), psychiatry aspects of graduate medical education for other medical specialties, and postgraduate continuing medical education and lifelong learning. The council advises and assists APA’s Division of Education in the development, implementation, and promotion of its education programs and initiatives.

Highlights of Responsibilities

  • Oversee planning, coordinating, and evaluating all continuing medical education efforts and activities of APA.
  • Identify emerging issues related to undergraduate medical education and assist in developing effective, appropriate psychiatric education for all future physicians.
  • Support medical student recruitment into psychiatry.
  • Provide recommendations regarding all aspects of graduate medical education in psychiatry, including the development of the highest quality psychiatric training program planning, curriculum, and career development; and residency teaching and interface with medical student education, primary care, and other medical specialty education and post-residency fellowship training.
  • Support APA's response to proposed changes in the ACGME Essentials and the Special Requirements for Psychiatry and subspecialty programs.
  • Work alongside other APA components and divisions on issues related to all levels of psychiatric education.


  • Annual Meeting Scientific Program Committee
  • Scientific Program Committee of The Mental Health Services Conference
  • Subcommittee on Joint Sponsorship of Continuing Medical Education
  • Committee on Innovation
  • Committee on Well-being and Burnout
  • Vestermark Award Committee


  • Caucus of Maintenance of Certification
  • Caucus on Medical Humanities in Psychiatry 
  • Caucus on Lifestyle Psychiatry 

Council Members

  • Art Walaszek, M.D. – Chair
  • Rashi Aggarwal, M.D.
  • Brigette Bailey, M.D.
  • Simone Bernstein, M.D. 
  • Thedia Carey, M.D. 
  • Howard Forman, M.D.
  • Margo Funk, M.D. 
  • Raman Marwaha, M.D. 
  • Farooq Mohyuddin, M.D. 
  • Lorenzo Norris, M.D. 
  • Russell Pet, M.D.
  • Meghan Schott, M.D.

Corresponding Members

  • Fiona Fonseca, M.D.
  • Mansoor Malik, M.D.
  • David Seigler, M.D.
  • Mujeeb Shad, M.D.
  • Alexandra Yoon, M.D.


  • Sean Blitzstein, M.D. – AAP
  • Jeffrey Lyness, M.D. – ABPN
  • Scott Monteith, M.D. – NBPAS
  • Lia Thomas, M.D. – ADMSEP
  • Randon Welton, M.D. – AADPRT
  • Kari Wolf, M.D. – AACDP


  • Johanna Beck, M.D.
  • Jonathan Chou, M.D. 
  • Rikera Curry, M.D.
  • Richard Gomez, M.D.
  • Devin Van Dyke, M.D. 
  • Bryan VanDreese, M.D.
  • Tonee Sumlin, M.D.
  • Katherine Wu, M.D. 
  • Matthew Williams, M.D.

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