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Clinical and Therapeutic Treatment Modalities

  • Clinical and Therapeutic Treatment Modalities
  • Steve Daviss, M.D.
  • Continuity of care remains a challenge for college students who may travel between home and school. Telepsychiatry provides an opportunity to ensure the continuity of care for students who go away to school.
  • Psychiatrists treating college students via telepsychiatry should be sure to practice within their scope of practice and using the same standard of care as they would in-person; if the patient requires treatment beyond their scope of practice, the psychiatrist should refer them to another provider.
  • The practice of medicine occurs where the patient is located, and so appropriate state licensure laws must be followed; during COVID-19, however, many states have temporarily waived this requirement, so psychiatrists should be sure to check with the respective state's department of health or board of medicine.
  • If the patient is located in another state, psychiatrists should check with their malpractice carrier to be sure that they're covered.
  • Be sure to read the APA's College Mental Health, Telepsychiatry: Best Practices, Policy Considerations & COVID-19 (.pdf) for guidance on practicing telepsychiatry with college students.

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