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Judd Marmor Award

The Judd Marmor Award was endowed in 1999 by the late Judd Marmor, M.D. It was established to honor a distinguished member of the psychiatry field who has contributed to advancing the understanding of how multiple levels of organization (from molecular to individual to societal levels) impact mental health and illness. This award highlights the philosophical shift from the mid-20th century narrow biomedical disease model toward the biopsychosocial model, a more holistic and empathic view of patients’ suffering, which argues that biological, psychological, and social factors all play a critical role in the development and manifestation of disease. APA's Committee on Research Awards grants the award to individuals who have made significant contributions to understanding the multiple elements involved in mental health and illness. Previous Marmor lecturers include John Oldham, M.D., Nobel laureate Eric Kandel, M.D.; Solomon Snyder, M.D.; Lenore Terr, M.D.; Nancy Andreasen, M.D.; and Robert Cloninger, M.D., all distinguished physician-scientists who value the integration of multiple factors (e.g., genetic, behavioral, psychological, physiological, self-report, social determinants of mental health), in their research.

APA Component

Committee on Research Awards

Program Benefits

Plaque, $1,000

Criteria / Eligibility

Any individual or group in the field of the neuropsychological sciences as well as literature, history, or pedagogy who has made significant contributions to an understanding of the multifactorial (biopsychosocial) elements involved in mental health and illness.

Nomination / Application Details

  • Only one nomination from any department will be considered
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Nominee's CV
  • List of the nominee's protégés


October 7



Award Presentation

Presented at an award lecture during APA's Annual Meeting


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