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Tellers Committee

The functions of the Tellers Committee are:

  • The committee Chairperson and CEO and Medical Director approve ballots prepared by administration.
  • Certify the date on which amendments to the Bylaws and referenda shall be effective unless another effective date is specified on the ballot.
  • Review and approve procedures used by administration for processing ballots for computer vote count. The committee, usually meeting via conference call, reviews all ballots on which votes have not been properly executed and determines whether such votes shall be included in the final vote count.
  • Certify the accuracy of the final vote count, after which the members of the Board, officers of the Assembly and all candidates are sent the results and a letter or email stating that these are the results the Tellers Committee will recommend to the Board for its acceptance, with the proviso that the results are not official until the Board accepts them at its next meeting.
  • Prepare a report of the election results, which shall be made available to members upon request. At the Annual Business Meeting, the committee reports the results of the voting and the membership.

Staff Liaison

Ashley Rodgers, [email protected]

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