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Committee on Bylaws

The functions of the Committee on Bylaws are:

  • Maintain a continuing study of the structure of the organization.
  • Receive from the Board, or from the Secretary, proposed amendments to the Bylaws.
  • Propose amendments to the Bylaws to the Board.
  • Exercise an advisory function on meaning and interpretation of a proposal or resolution. The committee has no authority to interpret the Bylaws or to adjudicate on the constitutionality of a proposal but is often consulted by reason of its familiarity with those documents. The Board has requested the committee to continue to actively examine the Bylaws, bringing it into conformity with current practice. The Board has also adopted a policy that, whenever possible, the Chair or a member of the Committee on Bylaws should be included in component discussions that might lead to changes in the Bylaws.
  • Any amendments to the Bylaws must be reviewed by the Committee on Bylaws to ensure that the change will not adversely impact inclusion of Minority/Underrepresented Representative (M/UR) Assembly Group members among Component membership reflecting the known demographics of APA membership. Information regarding amendments to the Bylaws can be found in the Bylaws and in Appendix D-1 of the Operations Manual, "Election Procedures and Guidelines."

Staff Liaison

Ashley Rodgers, [email protected]

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