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Conflict of Interest Committee

The committee reports to the Board of Trustees. With the assistance of APA staff, the committee is charged to:

  1. Review and maintain the APA Policy for Disclosure of Interest and Affiliations and Disclosure of Interests and Affiliations Form sending any revisions to the APA Board of Trustees for approval;
  2. As needed, revise guidelines and procedures for the public disclosure of information provided to the APA via the disclosure of interests and affiliations form by participants in APA activities;
  3. Develop and maintain appropriate procedures for identifying and managing potential conflicts of interest both by the organization and by individuals involved in APA activities;
  4. Review disclosure forms of all participants in APA activities including, but not limited to members of the Board of Trustees, the Assembly, APA components, the DSM Task Force and its related work groups and advisors, the Practice Guidelines Committee, the Annual Meeting programs, and the journals;
  5. Serve as the Board designated group for feedback and input on the development and revisions to the online disclosures database;
  6. Work with staff to make appropriate amendments to the Operation Manual to include language concerning all relevant review procedures, with regular updates as appropriate.

Staff Liaison

Chiharu Tobita, [email protected]

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