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Finance and Budget Committee

The functions of the Finance and Budget Committee are:

  • Recommend finance and budget policies for all APA-related entities.
  • Assist the Board in development of fiscal policies.
  • Help to conduct financial operations in a manner that helps the Board to fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities, to maintain business operations in accordance with generally accepted practices, and to implement the strategic priorities of the Association.
  • Assist the Board in development of a financial plan and help ensure that ongoing operations are consistent with that financial plan, as well as the overall business plan, of the Association.
  • Review actual financial results and report to the Board as to the fiscal status of the Association.
  • Recommend annual operating, capital and development budgets to the Board and major adjustments thereof as may be indicated throughout the year.
  • Focus on the long term and short-term financial strength, needs, opportunities, and problems of the Association.
  • Oversee APA components relating to finance, including the Investment Oversight Committee.
  • Make recommendations to the Board concerning the charges, areas of responsibility, and composition of these financial components.

Staff Liaison

Carlton Davids, [email protected]

Component Reporting to Standing Committee

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