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Investment Oversight Committee

The committee was established to assist the Treasurers and the Boards of the Association and its corporate affiliates with fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities for the unitized corporate and staff investment portfolios and to provide general direction to the Treasurer/s in fulfilling his/her duties in managing these investment portfolios. The IOC makes recommendations relative to the establishment and updating of investment guidelines for these portfolios. It makes recommendations regarding the selection of investment advisors and shall review their performance against recognized market indices and established performance criteria. The IOC is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the investment strategy, consistent with the Board-approved guidelines. In the event of a major shift in the Association’s investment strategy, the IOC reports those developments to the APA Board of Trustees and the APAF Board of Directors at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The chair of the IOC will provide reports directly to the Board of Trustees. The IOC reports to the Finance and Budget Committee not less than twice a year.

Staff Liaison

Carlton Davids, [email protected]

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