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HIV Psychiatry

View HIV psychiatry education and training resources.

SET for Success

Supplemental Education and Training (SET) is an online experience designed to help residents build knowledge and learn the business of medicine.

Integrative Medicine

Learn more about integrative medicine, the practice of combining conventional medical treatments with non-conventional (“alternative” or “complementary”) ones.

Practice Management

View resources for Resident-Fellow Members related to the business of medicine, systems-based practice, professionalism, communication skills, clinical documentation and risk management.

Psychiatric Treatment and Care

View resources for Resident-Fellow Members related to patient care and medical knowledge such as clinical neuroscience, psychotherapy, and substance related and addictive disorders.

Special Populations

View resources for Resident-Fellow Members related to treating diverse patient populations, cultural competencies, and special groups such as children and adolescents, women, and the elderly.

Well-being and Burnout

APA is committed to helping psychiatrists achieve well-being and addressing individual and system-level challenges which contribute to professional burnout.

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Telepsychiatry Toolkit

APA's telepsychiatry toolkit covers topics from history, training, practice/clinical, reimbursement and legal issues from leading psychiatrists.

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