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HIV Psychiatry

Clinical experience and research provide substantial evidence that HIV directly infects the brain soon after initial infection, which can result in organic disease expression such as central nervous system impairment, dementia, pain, and mood disorders. In response to these challenges, the APA established the Office of HIV Psychiatry, which is committed to ensuring quality mental health care for persons living with AIDS and HIV disease through the education and training of psychiatrists and other clinicians.

APA provides and produces a number of resources and publications to complement our core programming. Included below are also a series of informative links offering additional expertise in the practice of AIDS and HIV psychiatry as well as resources from collaborative allied organizations and network members. We invite you explore other HIV/AIDS-related clinical and educational resources. This information can be of use to psychiatrists, allied health professionals, students, policymakers, and the general public.

Fact Sheets (Last Updated: 2012)


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