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"13 Reasons Why" Season 2: Opportunity for an Important Conversation about Mental Health and Suicide

Last year the debut of the critically acclaimed Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, was received with a lot of attention along with concern from mental health professionals. Strong topics of sexual assault, PTSD, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and school bullying drive the storyline in the Netflix series. Season two premieres Friday, May 18 and it deals with the aftermath of the first season.

Lyme Disease May have Mental Health Consequences

Lyme disease, which accounts for 82 percent of tickborne diseases, not only has potentially serious physical health consequences, but is also associated with mental health consequences. As with other infectious diseases, mental health concerns, including anxiety and depression, can accompany Lyme disease. New research presented at the APA Annual Meeting in New York City looked at the prevalence of anxiety and depression in people with post-treatment Lyme disease.

Teens and Parents Often Differ in Reporting on Mental Health Symptoms

A new study presented at the APA Annual Meeting in New York City found frequent disagreement between parent and child in reporting on mental health symptoms. The study was conducted to assess agreement between parent and child using special surveys that were designed to assess symptoms based on the parents’ and teens’ perceptions. The study involved youth age 11 to 17 in treatment for mental health conditions, primarily for diagnoses of ADHD, major depression or generalized anxiety.

Coping with Cancer and Addressing Distress and Depression

A diagnosis of cancer can understandably be upsetting and life-changing. People coping with diagnosis and treatment of cancer often have high levels of psychological distress, and depression is common. Only about one in four needing help for mental health receive effective treatment.

Even a Single Yoga Session Can Help

Substantial research supports the health and mental health benefits of yoga. Yoga has been shown to help reduce blood pressure, help with chronic pain conditions and pain-associated disability, increase flexibility and protection from injury. Yoga can also help reduce stress and help relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder.