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July 14, 2023

Creative Arts: Enhancing Mental Health and Well-being

  • Healthy living for mental well-being, Patients and Families, Treatment

Creative arts are used in supporting mental health care in a variety of ways. Art therapy uses creative means to treat mental illnesses and improve mental health. It can involve various treatments, such as theater therapy, dance movement psychotherapy, music therapy, poetry, pottery drawing, painting and craft therapy. Art therapy uses integrative techniques to captivate the soul, body and mind in ways that verbal expression alone doesn't appear to (Shukla)

July 06, 2023

Vaping is Unhealthy. Tips and Resources to Help Quit.

  • By John A. Fromson, M.D.
  • Addiction, Patients and Families, Teens and young adults

Electronic (e-) cigarettes, or vaping devices, were first introduced to adults in the early 2000s as a potential smoking cessation aid. They gained popularity due to their perceived reduced harm compared to traditional cigarettes. The devices often resemble traditional tobacco cigarettes (cig-a-likes), cigars, or pipes, as well as pens and USB memory sticks. Users inhale an aerosol (vapor), containing nicotine or marijuana/THC, flavorings, and other chemicals. E-cigarettes have evolved over time, with newer devices offering higher nicotine concentrations and customizable flavors.

June 29, 2023

The Basics of Augmented Intelligence: Some Factors Psychiatrists Need to Know Now

  • What APA is Doing For You

Following the release of GPT4 in ChatGPT, augmented intelligence (AI) has been in the news more than ever. You may have tried out ChatGPT on your own for something fun (e.g., “Write a joke from the perspective of a cat,”) or something serious (e.g., “Write a draft lesson plan for a psychiatry residency program about treatment-resistant depression in adults”). A simultaneous strength and challenge of AI is that core to the technology is “learning” and evolution, making it difficult to define a static role for AI in psychiatric practice now or in the future.

June 26, 2023

Five Ways to Support LGBTQ+ Mental Health

  • LGBTQ+, Patients and Families, Public awareness

Family and friends can play a valuable role in supporting the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ+ individuals. LGBTQ+ individuals are more likely than others to experience mental health challenges.

June 14, 2023

Fostering Community Inclusion for Recovery for People with Serious Mental Illness

  • Patients and Families, Serious mental illness

Meaningful community participation such as employment, education, recreation and leisure activities, religious and spiritual activities, and engagement in civil life is a critical part of recovering from serious mental illness (SMI). In a session at APA’s Annual Meeting in May, speakers provided an overview of how to promote community inclusion for persons with SMI from a variety of perspectives.

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