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May 02, 2023

Thriving in Old Age

  • By Maureen Nash, M.D., M.S., FAPA, FACP
  • Older adults, Patients and Families

In honor of Older Americans Month in May, I wanted to break down stereotypes about older adults. In the United States, we tend to split older adults into two groups: we celebrate the few older adults who live past 100 with TV stories or newspaper articles, and then we assume most older adults have unbearable burdens and are languishing in understaffed facilities.

March 11, 2022

New Report Examines Disparities in Dementia Care

  • Older adults, Patients and Families

A new report from the Alzheimer’s Association finds that non-white racial/ethnic populations expect and experience more barriers when accessing dementia care and report having less trust in medical research than white Americans. “Race, Ethnicity and Alzheimer’s in America,” is a companion report to the Association’s annual Facts and Figures report.

April 27, 2020

“Nowhere to Turn”: COVID-19 and Caregiver Stress

  • Older adults, Patients and Families

“I need help, and I have nowhere to turn.” I find this a frighteningly common refrain among my patients who are also caregivers for people with dementia, autism, or children with a panoply of mental health conditions who need consistency and structure. As an individual psychiatrist, there seems to be no option, and I simply listen.

March 24, 2020

Online Support for People with Mental Health Conditions

  • Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Older adults, Patients and Families, Serious mental illness

While these unprecedented times are stressful for everyone, people with mental health conditions may face particular challenges. Many organizations offer ways to connect and find support online or by phone for general mental health and for specific conditions.

October 28, 2019

Possible Link Between Personality in High School and Dementia Risk

  • Older adults, Patients and Families

Can a person’s personality type in high school increase their risk of dementia late in life? A new study finds a connection between certain personality types and an increased risk of dementia later in life. The study, published in JAMA Psychiatry in October 2019, looked at data on more than 80,000 participants in the Project Talent, a national sample of high school students in 1960, and Medicare data on dementia more than 50 years later, between 2011 and 2013.

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