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APA President Responds to Wave of Shootings


Like you, I’m deeply distressed by the events in Baton Rouge, La., and elsewhere throughout our country. Our thoughts are with the victims of this senseless violence. Our nation is under a great deal of duress as one act of violence follows another. The APA will be highlighting resources on our website that can assist in dealing with trauma and tragedy. I encourage you to use those resources in your community. Psychiatrists will do their part to heal the nation.

Resources for Physicians, Families and Patients

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Coping After Tragedy

Even for people not directly affected, an event like this can have a significant impact. It can leave you feeling a range of emotions including anger, frustration, vulnerability, confusion and sadness – all of which are normal reactions. The continual media coverage, discussions and reactions keep the event directly in front of us.

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Talking to Children About Disasters

Disasters can have tremendous psychological impacts on those directly and indirectly involved. People who are affected may have various stress reactions, including both psychological and physical symptoms. Children are no exception — understandably many young children may feel frightened and confused after a disaster or traumatic event. Fortunately, most children, even those exposed to trauma, are quite resilient.

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