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2024 APA National Elections

Results for the 2024 APA National Elections

At its meeting on February 9, the Committee of Tellers approved the following results for the 2024 APA National Election. Please note that these results are considered public, but not official until approved by the Board of Trustees at its March 9-10 meeting.

Theresa M. Miskimen Rivera, M.D. 62.5%
Michele Reid, M.D. 37.5%
  Steve Koh, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A. 50.6%
Cheryl D. Wills, M.D. 49.4%
Early Career Psychiatrist (ECP) Trustee  
  Sudhakar K. Shenoy, M.D. 58.3%
Muhammad Zeshan, M.D. 41.7%
  Patricia Westmoreland, M.D. 59.8%
Farha Abbasi, M.D. 40.2%
Area 1 Trustee  
  John C. Bradley, M.D. 50.8%
Manuel (Manny) Pacheco, M.D. 49.2%
Area 4 Trustee  
  Dionne Hart, M.D. 52.0%
Suzanne J. Sampang, M.D. 48.0%
Area 7 Trustee  
  Mary Hasbah Roessel, M.D. (she/her) 92.0%
Resident-Fellow Member Trustee-Elect (RFMTE)  
  Nicolas K. Fletcher, M.D., M.H.S.A. 52.0%
Alexander W. Luo, M.D., M.B.S. 48.0%

APA Election Guidelines

The intent of the guidelines (.pdf) is to encourage fair and open campaigning by APA members on a level playing field.

Download Guidelines

2023 - 2024 Election Schedule

Event Date
Nomination Deadline September 1, 2023
Slate of Candidates Announced Mid-October
Petition Deadline November 15, 2023
Nominating petitions must be filed with the Secretary within 15 days of the announcement of the candidate slate.
Nominees whom the Nominating Committee determines meet the requirements set by the Board of Trustees for being a petition candidate will be included on the ballot for the following year.
Voting Polls Open January 2, 2024
Voting Polls Close January 31, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. ET
Election Results Announcement By February 15, 2024
Leadership Transition May 13, 2024

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