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APA Board of Trustees Campaign Events and Activities

The following activities are managed directly by the APA Election Office ([email protected]).

  1. APA Election Guide to the Candidates 
    • Coming December 2023.
  2. Psychiatric News with names and photos of candidates and election details published in December issue.
    • Coming December 2023.
  3. Dedicated Candidate page on the APA election website serving as a centralized location for all election and candidate-related information.
    • Coming October/November 2023.
  4. Candidate videos posted on the APA election website.
    • Coming December 2023.
  5. APA Election Community platform for direct communication between voting members and candidates. Interested members may opt-in to the community.
    • November 1, 2023, through January 31, 2024.

Candidates and their supporters may engage in the following additional activities.

  1. Candidates may post monthly campaign announcements to respective APA component communities. This may begin after the final slate is announced in Psychiatric News.
  2. Candidates may campaign through unpaid social media and followers may share the posts.
  3. Candidates may campaign through district branch (DB) and/or area council town halls.
    • District branches (DBs) and area councils must include all candidates in a designated election category as part of the town hall, not just candidate(s) from their DB or area. These town halls can occur at no cost to the APA and would be managed directly by the DB’s and Area Councils. It is recommended that these town halls are virtual to allow equal access by all candidates.
  4. Candidates may be announced by their District Branch (DB) via DB’s communication channels.
  5. Supporters who campaign must abide by the APA Election Guidelines.

If you have any questions, contact the APA Election Office at [email protected].

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