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Why Join the PsychPRO Registry?

PsychPRO empowers clinicians and health care organizations to understand their performance and network with others committed to providing the highest quality care.

PsychPRO offers a national database for mental health care performance that guides quality care delivery, drives improved patient outcomes, and—in a value-based care environment—provides data to define the outcomes that matter.

Every organization, group, and clinician that participates in PsychPRO plays an active role in advancing our field.

Join us in shaping the future of mental health care — together.

Thank you for creating the PsychPRO registry. What an amazing tool to help me understand and navigate quality measure reporting. I was so impressed by the ability to see aggregate and individual patient results.

Dr. Brody (New York)

Improve Quality with Definitive Data

PsychPRO equips clinicians to bring more objectivity to the mental health field with a simple way to compare aggregated data locally, regionally, and nationally. Gain the perspective needed to evaluate patient progress, determine appropriate clinical decisions, and make strategic improvements.

Be Ready for Value-Based Care

PsychPRO supports value-based care with advanced algorithms that instantly calculate measures, making it easy to assess patient outcomes objectively and get compensated for effective therapy.

Highlight your commitment to quality care as an early adopter and set your organization up for success today — and tomorrow.

Play a Role in Guiding Tomorrow

The mental health field needs the input and expertise of clinical experts like you to create quality outcome measurements.

American Psychiatric Association (APA) is dedicated to establishing evidence-based metrics backed by clinical authorities. Join the mission and make a difference in the future of mental health.

Led by the Pioneer in Mental Health Care Quality Measurement

As the only national medical association focused on mental health patient data collection, APA maintains the most comprehensive mental and behavioral health registry in the U.S.

Our unbiased clinical authority in the space and our unwavering commitment to serving the public uniquely equip our association to lead the charge in determining quality outcome measurements for mental health.

PsychPRO is funded by APA to ensure integrity, provide radical affordability, and encourage adoption — all for the greater good.

Resources & FAQs

Review our recommended resources and the most common questions we receive about PsychPRO—from data access and privacy to cost and requirements to everything in between.

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Who is Eligible?

Whether you’re an individual practitioner or part of a large practice or health system, academic medical center, or small practice, PsychPRO is for you.

We created the registry for all behavioral mental health providers — psychiatrists, psychologists, PCPS, social workers, NPs, and PAs.

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