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Who It's For

Benefits for Payer Networks

  • Benchmarking for quality measurement-based care – Payer systems can compare performance of their providers within the system or with others outside the system
  • Access to deidentified clinical data for internal research/quality improvement purposes
  • Access quality matrices that the APA is continually developing
  • Access to specialized sub-databases for addressing specific research/policy/clinical questions in the areas of mental health crises such as:
    • AMNet (Addiction Medicine Network) – with Opioid Crisis
    • COVID-19 or other pandemic subregistry*
  • Be able to make policy decisions by rapidly accessing a large amount of data that represent the national/wider demographic
  • Use as a network recruiting tool

Benefits for Your Practitioners

(Solo, Group, Hospital)

  • MIPS and other regulatory reporting
  • Possible bonus payments
  • Fulfill MOC Part IV requirement
  • Access to quality measurement-based care to achieve optimal patient outcomes
  • Patient engagement through patient reported outcome measures
  • Benchmarking of quality with clinicians ‘across the county’ and not just the parent institute

Benefits for Academic Institution

In addition to the benefits listed above the academic faculty can:

  • Access quality patient level data for analytic research
  • Use PsychPRO registry as data source or patient access source for NIH or other grant applications
  • APA expert support for data acquisition, grant applications, IRB navigation as well as statistical review and help
  • PsychPRO can be leveraged for practices-based research or practice based clinical trials
  • Access to specialized sub-registry networks(e.g. AMNet) for research
  • Access to specific patient populations for research across the nation (with appropriate permissions and consents)
  • Access to quality measurement-based care platform for research designs
  • Benchmarking of quality with clinicians ‘across the county’ and not just the parent institute

Benefits for Academic or practicing Sub-specialties such as Child Psychiatry

All benefits described above will be useful for all psychiatry subspecialty participants. In addition, the PsychPRO platform can be leveraged to:

  • Create speciality specific sub-registry(similar to AMNet)
  • Develop child specific quality measures
  • Quality dashboards and benchmarking that is specifically relevant to child psychiatry

*This will also create a national platform for any future pandemics or other crises in mental health

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