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As the nation's most comprehensive mental health clinical data registry, PsychPRO makes enrollment easy.

How to Sign Up

  1. Fill out the PsychPRO Info Request Form: This helps us determine your organization’s needs and eligibility.
  2. Schedule a Call & Demo: Our team will contact you once we receive your inquiry to get you scheduled.
  3. Determine Key Contacts: Identify who on your team will be the administrator, project lead, and clinical champion(s).
  4. Complete Contracts & Documents: Our team will send you our Participation and Business Associate Agreements to complete, along with specific steps for your organization. It may include additional forms or documentation and data migration and integration.

Once we receive your completed paperwork, we will begin implementation.

Our Implementation Process

graphic representation of the five implementation steps detailed below on the page

The PsychPRO team is committed to helping your organization get the most out of our robust registry. Here's how we partner with you to ensure a successful implementation:

  1. Kickoff: We kick off the process by meeting with your team to define your goals, create your timeline and identify any resources needed.
  2. Define & Build Data Transmission from your EHR: You fill out the Site Questionnaire to provide information about your EHR. We then work with you and/or your vendor to determine the most efficient file transfer processes.
  3. Data Validation: Once your data are transferred to us we will validate the information for potential errors and work with you to make all corrections.
  4. User Acceptance Testing (UAT): After data validation, we deploy the interface, and the site is "live." Any identified data gaps are rectified to ensure face validity of the performance data. A regular data submission cadence is from every 24 hours to quarterly, depending on what works best for your organization. We suggest every 24 hours so your dashboards and reports coincide in near real-time with what’s happening in your practice.
  5. Go Live: Registry dashboards are populated using site data and feed an analytics process driven by PsychPRO clinical and quality measures. Participants review the entire PsychPRO study measure specifications and reports to understand the depth of information it provides.


We’re here to help. Please reach out to our team at [email protected] with any questions or issues.

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