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Review our recommended resources and the most common questions we receive about PsychPRO — from data access and privacy to cost and requirements to everything in between.

PsychPRO Agreement

View the Business Association and Data Use Agreement (.pdf) before you fill it out electronically in the sign-up portal.

Please note this document is associated with Step 4 of our sign-up process, and you will be prompted by our team when it's time for you to fill out the appropriate paperwork for your organization.


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PsychPRO is the nation’s most comprehensive mental health clinical data registry platform. It aggregates and analyzes EHR and other application data to uncover best practices, inform providers, and generate reliable benchmarks.

This powerful tool guides healthcare organizations in delivering quality mental health care and improving patient outcomes in the new value-based care landscape.

APA built our powerful clinical data registry platform to support the mental health field in delivering the highest quality care.

Objective Data & Reporting

PsychPRO gives you greater objectivity and clear standards, allowing you to compare aggregated data within your organization and against local, regional, and national averages. Easily track patient outcomes and make clinical decisions for evidence-based care.

Plus, meet Medicare requirements by ensuring quality reporting to CMS and avoiding payment penalties.

Continuing Certification & Educational Support

PsychPRO provides automatic MOC Part IV board certification for participating psychiatrists and tools for ongoing quality improvement. Get access to support resources to help you optimize registry data for enhanced clinical performance.

With low- or no-cost registration, PsychPRO makes it easy to maintain certification and pursue additional education to advance the psychiatry profession.

The platform continuously learns as it combines and analyzes clinical data from a broad spectrum of mental health professionals to discover and refine best practices and identify optimal care standards to measure and evaluate patient progress. Then PsychPRO makes that information easily accessible to providers to advance the quality of care for all.

As part of our growth strategy, PsychPRO collaborates with EHRs and software applications that aim to provide measurement-based care workflows that fit the needs of a variety of patient populations and care settings. When you join PsychPRO, these are available at no or minimal fees. By providing several options, we give your patients flexibility for online, in-office settings (may be aided by staff), and smartphone apps.


Performance Dashboards & Reporting

PsychPRO includes dashboards and reporting features that allow you to track and benchmark performance across clinicians and against other organizations.

These detailed comparisons give critical insights to help you target areas of improvement and enhance patient outcomes.

  • Clinical Data Exploration: Built with expertise from frontline clinicians, this dashboard tracks encounters and diagnoses and informs clinical decision-making with objective measurement.
  • Geographic Exploration: As your data grows in PsychPRO, you get access to geographical reports that aggregate your mental health performance data so you can visualize how your care impacts patients across your catchment area.

Patient Records

Through system-agnostic EHR integration, the PsychPRO platform contains all patient records submitted by your organization. You can sort and view the data by demographics, conditions, or interventions to identify trends, track outcomes, and measure performance. Our HIPAA-compliant infrastructure ensures all data transferred to and from your EHR and other systems remains secure.

Patient-reported Outcome Measures

PsychPRO offers a seamless method for gathering patient-reported data to standardize outcomes across your organization if you are not doing so already in your EHR.

We never want to disrupt what is already working in your practice. The platform offers a variety of third-party patient portal vendors that display patient questionnaires and progress reports as patients complete them.

You get an aggregated view of outcome data with any of our options. This data and clinical data from your EHR are used to measure quality performance so you can compare how you are doing to others. Additionally, you get access to trend graphs and drill-down functions to determine and prioritize areas for improvement.






Yes, APA has received CMS certification as a Quality Clinical Data Registry, and our MIPS Dashboard feature makes reporting efficient.

The platform aggregates data for complex algorithms to automatically calculate many NQF-endorsed quality or QPP measures used for MIPS reporting. You can then leverage the MIPS Dashboard to manage participation, monitor performance against the required measures, and easily complete submission.

In the past, on average, clinicians who use PsychPRO for MIPS reporting have achieved bonus-level MIPS scores and up to 2% bonus payments on Medicare reimbursement (2017-2019; Exceptions during the COVID-19 pandemic meant many practices did not have to report 2020-2022).

You can no longer meet MIPS requirements without an EHR. The scoring thresholds across the Promoting Interoperability (PI) and Quality categories require you to use a certified EHR. You must be able to score with sufficient success in these categories to meet the scoring thresholds to avert a penalty.

Quality Measures

PsychPRO currently has about 25 Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and QCDR quality measures implemented for use by participants:

View the 2023 PsychPRO Quality Measures here (.pdf)


PsychPRO maintains compliance with HIPAA protocols to keep patient data private and secure.

Practices that join PsychPRO enter into an agreement with APA, which includes a HIPAA-compliant Business Association and Data Use Agreement. Protected Health Information and identifiable provider information will be captured and stored by the registry in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations.

The registry will not publish any identifiable provider or practice data without permission. Outside of designated registry staff, APA staff cannot access a patient's Protected Health Information (PHI). Only the provider's home institution or practice will have access to the PHI data, which they can use for their needs and quality reporting to CMS.



No one will have access to your data without your written permission. The process includes each provider signing a Data Release Consent Form allowing the registry to submit their data to CMS on their behalf.

PsychPRO collects, stores, and reports data for clinicians, taking every measure possible to safeguard it.


PsychPRO gathers and analyzes registry data from participating mental health professionals to uncover best practices and create benchmarks for measuring and evaluating patient progress. We then provide access to this information to improve patient care quality.

APA uses the PsychPRO registry data to refine its educational programming and service offerings for members.


Participation Cost & Requirements

Individual Practitioners and Small Practices (less than 10 participating clinicians)

  • $1,500 first-year EHR integration fee
  • $350 annual fee
  • $250 per clinician annual MIPS reporting fee (if applicable)
  • APA Members receive a waiver of the annual fee and waiver of the first-year EHR integration fee if they use a Registry Ready Certified EHR, plus a reduced fee of $150 per clinician for MIPS reporting

Mid-Sized Practices (11-100 participating clinicians)

  • $2,500 first-year EHR integration fee
  • $1,000 annual fee
  • $150 per clinician annual MIPS reporting fee (if applicable)

Large Practices and Hospital Systems (101+ participating clinicians)

  • $5,000 first-year EHR integration fee
  • $3,500 annual fee
  • $150 per clinician annual MIPS reporting fee (if applicable)

PsychPRO is easy to use, efficient, and effective, requiring modest effort from your staff.

Depending on your EHR, additional resources may be needed for integration, which the registry team can provide. Integration consists primarily of a standardized flat file that your EHR or practice will create and transfer securely to the registry with our safe file transfer protocol. The time to create this file varies from a few weeks to several months, the latter mostly related to scheduling with EHR contacts during the process.



Please visit Get Started to begin the enrollment process.

Questions? Please email us at [email protected].

APA’s IRB approval extends to participating mental health professionals. If an individual is covered through another IRB, APA will assist in obtaining that IRB's approval.

Yes. You can start participating in PsychPRO now and may leave the registry anytime.

Not at this time. PsychPRO is only available to mental health professionals in the U.S. and its territories.

APA may expand PsychPRO to include international participants in the future.


No. However, we strongly encourage all clinicians in your practice to participate so your team can generate data that accurately reflect practice performance.


Individual institutions can access their own data via secure dashboards for internal benchmarking.

APA may make de-identified data available for future research with the approval of the APA Institutional Review Board.

APA will obtain informed consent from mental health professionals and patients to be re-contacted should they become eligible for specific studies.



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