PsychPRO: APA's Mental Health Registry

Enroll in PsychPRO, a CMS-Qualified Clinical Data Registry for all behavioral mental health providers.

Who Can Participate in PsychPRO

Psychiatrists and All Behavioral Mental Health Providers

PsychPRO was developed for all behavioral mental health providers, including psychiatrists, psychologists, primary care physicians, social workers, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

Does Medicare require you to report? Find out more at QPP.cms.gov.

Practices of Any Size

PsychPRO can work with practices of any size - solo practices, small groups, groups with 15 or more participants, as well as institutions or systems.

The Sign-up Portal accommodates solo practitioners and small multi-clinician practices. If you are a large group practice or system/institution please contact us at registry@psych.org indicating your practice/system/institution name and contact details and we will schedule a call to bring you onboard.

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If you have additional questions you are invited to contact us at registry@psych.org.

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