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PsychPRO: APA's Mental Health Registry

Enroll in PsychPRO, a CMS-Qualified Clinical Data Registry for all behavioral mental health providers.

APA created PsychPRO, a national mental health registry, to help psychiatrists and mental health professionals:

  • Validate Quality Patient Care - measure, analyze and discover opportunities for improvement
  • Avoid Payment Penalties - instead achieve bonuses for meeting quality reporting requirements
  • Deploy cutting-edge technology - minimize the burden of data collection and reporting
  • Achieve Optimal Patient Outcomes - through tools to measure, chart, and benchmark clinical care

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PsychPRO MIPS Reporting by the Numbers

38 Percent with a Pie Chart depiction
of PsychPRO participants who were required to report MIPS data in 2017 qualified for the 4% bonus increase in reimbursement in 2019.
There are estimated to be at least 5,000 psychiatrists required to report MIPS data who could benefit from joining PsychPRO.
About 30% did not surpass the penalty benchmark and bar graph depiction
55 Percent with a Pie Chart depiction
of PsychPRO participants estimated reporting in 2018 performance data will reap a 5% increase in payment.
Map of the US states highlighting those that used PsychPro in 2017, in 2019, and not at all, with only 5 states that did not use PsychPRO at all
PsychPRO MIPS Reporting depicting the performance threshold and penalty range for not reporting growing from -4/4% in the 2017 Performance Year/2019 Reimbursement Year to -9/9% for the 2020+ Performance Year/2022+ Reimbursement Year

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PsychPRO Quality Measures

PsychPRO is a CMS Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). The specifications for MIPS quality measures included in PsychPRO may be found on the Quality Improvement page on psychiatry.org.

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If you have additional questions you are invited to contact us at PsychPRO@psych.org.