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PsychPRO Mental Health Registry

Shaping the Future of Quality Mental Health Care. As the nation's most comprehensive mental health clinical data registry, PsychPRO helps healthcare organizations deliver quality mental health care and improve patient outcomes.

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Unique Patients Represented

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The Path to Clear Mental Health Care Standards is Finally Here.

Value-based care is a reality, but mental health is hard to evaluate.

PsychPRO — APA’s powerful clinical data registry platform retrieves, aggregates, and analyzes EHR and other application data to uncover best practices, inform providers, and generate reliable, accurate benchmarks.

With user-friendly dashboards, efficient workflows, easy tracking, and insightful visualizations, the platform delivers the data and tools to simplify evaluating or comparing performance in-house or against other high-quality organizations — locally, regionally, or nationally.

And PsychPRO learns and grows as it incorporates new data from organizations like yours every day.

Your National Mental Health Registry

PsychPRO provides a holistic view of your mental health quality data alongside national benchmarks to drive performance tracking and quality improvement.

Our clinical registry’s comprehensive capabilities create an authoritative, actionable resource for mental health organizations and practitioners.

  • EHR Integration
  • Patient Portal & Applications Integration
  • Speciality Psychiatric Data Aggregation
  • Data Integrity & Oversight
  • HIPAA Compliance

PsychPRO Features

User Management

Track and measure performance on a macro and micro level.

Performance Dashboards & Reporting

Benchmark performance and target areas of improvement.

Patient Records

Identify trends, track outcomes, and measure performance.


Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

View patient questionnaires and progress reports in real time.

Continuing Certification & Educational Support

Get automatic MOC Part IV board certification and helpful tools.


Measure Care Against Clear Standards

Aggregate, Compare, and Get an Informed Perspective

With over 25 CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP) measures in place, it's easy to compare your aggregated data against multiple benchmarks so you can assess patient progress, make sound clinical decisions, and create smart strategies for improvement.

Make Value-Based Care Work for Mental Health

Optimize Reimbursement in the New Paradigm

Increasingly, your bottom line depends on your ability to demonstrate improved patient outcomes. PsychPRO automatically calculates specific measures using advanced algorithms so you can evaluate patient outcomes objectively and get paid based on effective treatment.

Help Shape the Future of Mental Health Care

Influence Change and Impact Outcomes

Mental health clinical experts should determine quality outcome metrics — not payers, the government, or unqualified third parties. PsychPRO is committed to creating meaningful, evidence-based standards guided by clinical authorities. Join and help accelerate this mission.

Why Join PsychPRO?

PsychPRO is the tool healthcare organizations need to guide their efforts to deliver quality mental health care and improve patient outcomes.

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