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Committee on Telepsychiatry

The Committee on Telepsychiatry is charged with advising leadership and stakeholders, including developing educational tools and resources for members, on the technical, regulatory, and clinical landscape of interactive technology in the practice of psychiatry. Focus areas include:

  • Coverage, reimbursement, and regulatory considerations around the use of telehealth to deliver psychiatric care, including modalities (e.g., video, audio), eligible populations, and compliance with technology privacy and security requirements (e.g., the use of HIPAA- and 42 CFR Part 2-compliant treatment platforms)
  • Clinical decision-making in selecting modalities for care
  • Trends in psychiatry around the uptake of telepsychiatry technologies, including clinician and patient preference and technology assets or challenges
  • Equity, access, and quality implications of interactive technology in psychiatry.

Staff Liaison

Committee Members

  • Shabana Khan, M.D., FAPAChairperson
  • Steven Chan, M.D., FAPA
  • Donald Hilty, M.D., DLFAPA
  • Steven Hyler, M.D., DLFAPA
  • Terry Rabinowitz, M.D., LFAPA
  • Sy Saeed, M.D., M.S., DLFAPA
  • Morkeh Blay-Tofey, M.D.Consultant
  • Courtney Romba, M.D.Consultant

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