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Committee on Reimbursement for Psychiatric Care

The Committee on Reimbursement for Psychiatric Care is charged with advising and informing APA policy development and advocacy efforts regarding public and private sector reimbursement, with a particular focus on new payment models. The committee is tasked with helping to track emerging issues, trends, and models that impact payment for and access to psychiatric care, as the U.S. health care system increasingly adopts value-based payment methodologies and other payment reforms. On behalf of CHSF and the JRC, the committee:

  • Lends it expertise on issues involving public and private sector reimbursement for psychiatrists, particularly new models of care
  • Informs APA policy development and advocacy with policymakers and payers about how policies should optimally be structured to ensure access to high-quality psychiatric care as well as adequate payment for psychiatrists
  • Helps inform, educate, and equip APA members with the information needed to manage these changes
  • Monitors reimbursement methodology and payment for psychiatric treatment, both professional and hospital provided in inpatient, and other non-office settings (e.g., partial hospital, nursing homes, etc.) and psychiatric treatment in community and multi-specialty team based care models. It undertakes analytic, policy liaison and educational activities respecting those issues which are of major concern to the APA.

Staff Liaison

Christy Buranaamorn, [email protected]

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