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Committee on Integrated Care

The Committee on Integrated Care is charged with advising and supporting APA on policy development and educational efforts – such as developing resource documents, tool kits, and advocacy materials – to improve access to psychiatric care through improved care coordination and effective integrated care models. This includes identifying financing mechanisms and other ways to advance the use of promising, innovative models of care used to effectively integrate behavioral health care, including mental illness and substance use disorders, with general medical care and other services needed to meet the whole health needs of patients. The Committee will also work with the Committee on Telepsychiatry and Committee on Mental Health Information Technology to explore the role of technology in delivering these models and coordinate with the APA administration on regulatory comments and legislative proposals related to integrated care. It will also advise APA on best practices and training necessary to support integrated care, including bidirectional integration.

Staff Liaison

Maureen McGuire, [email protected]

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