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Address Your Feelings During This Election Cycle and Seek Medical Care if Needed

  • October 29, 2020
  • Patients and Families

During these uncertain times, it can be very difficult to manage all that is happening around us:  the pandemic, job and financial insecurities, police brutality leading to protests and community unrest, and uneasiness around the voting process and the election outcome.

The confluence of these events can understandably lead to elevated levels of anxiety or feeling distressed. Talking to friends or families about your feelings can be helpful, but you might need to see a psychiatrist or your primary care physician if you are feeling so stressed that it affects your ability to care for yourself or your family, or if you’re feeling hopeless or struggling with attacks of anxiety or panic.

By Regina James, M.D.,
Chief of the APA Division of Diversity and Health Equity,
Deputy Medical Director, APA

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