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APA/APAF Fellows Professional Development Series

Participate as a Speaker

The Professional Development Series for APA/APAF Fellows is a successful program geared to developing transferable skills as our resident Fellows transition to their careers beyond their training. The series is designed to broaden Fellows’ career perspectives and develop competencies in areas such as leadership, communication, self-awareness, and professionalism.

Programming is offered every month from October – April. Each session’s length varies by topic (1-2 hours). We invite speakers to develop and present clinical, academic, and professional topics that interest our Fellows. Planning for our Professional Development Series begins in the summer. Our curriculum and speaker schedule will be completed in September. If you are interested in this opportunity, please register as a prospective speaker by following the instructions below.

To register as a prospective speaker for our Professional Development Series:

  • Go to [Alchemer Survey]
  • Follow the instructions provided to fill out the form.
  • Upload your CV.

If you have any questions, please contact Camille Bryan at [email protected].

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