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Child & Adolescent Telepsychiatry

Behavior Management Training

  • Behavior Management Training through Telepsychiatry Modalities
  • Cassie Yu, M.D.
  • Evidence-based behavior management training interventions are associated with sustained behavioral improvements among children with disruptive behaviors but are not readily available in community settings.
  • Telepsychiatry can extend these effective treatments to children in clinic and home settings.
  • In conducting telepsychiatry with families, psychiatrists can both model and coach parents on the concepts of behavior management in real time.
  • When conducting behavior management training in-clinic, telepsychiatrists may use clinic staff to clarify subtleties in the child's mental status that may not be evident through videoconferencing.
  • Telepsychiatry with families can be conducted in naturalistic settings such as the home, potentially providing more ecologically valid assessments and interventions.
  • When conducting behavior management training in-home, telepsychiatrists must develop a safety and crisis plan in case the child's behavior becomes unmanageable during a session.


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