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Meet Dr. Peter Yellowlees of APA's Committee on Telepsychiatry

In this video, Dr. Steven Chan and Dr. Peter Yellowlees discuss asynchronous telepsychiatry, various clinical uses of telepsychiatry, and future trends in the field.

Meet Dr. Rustin Carter of APA's Committee on Telepsychiatry

In this second installment of APA’s Telepsychiatry Vlog, Dr. Steven Chan speaks with fellow committee member Dr. Rustin Dakota Carter, who provides an overview of how he uses telepsychiatry in his own practice.

Meet Members of APA's Committee on Telepsychiatry

Watch our inaugural Telepsychiatry Vlog entry, featuring Dr. Jay Shore, Chair of APA's Committee on Telepsychiatry, and Dr. Steven Chan, a member of APA's Committee on Telepsychiatry.

Technologies Used for Clinical Care, Part I: Introduction and Telecompetencies

This blog focuses on telepsychiatry and other technologies for clinical care and training—it emphasizes effective models and a range of technologies, along with competencies for video, social media, and mobile health. See next month’s blog, Part II, which focuses on clinical and administrative issues and challenges.

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