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Update on Developments with Ryan Haight and Online Prescribing

Those of us involved in Telepsychiatry have been living with the Ryan Haight Act (RHA) since 2009. During this time, it has been more or less successful in achieving its original goal of reining in rogue internet pharmacies.

Data Driven Decisions and Outcomes in Telepsychiatry

Telepsychiatry offers a variety of benefits in today's changing healthcare landscape, and also serves as an excellent platform to train the next generation of healthcare workforce. However, perhaps an often-overlooked benefit of telepsychiatry, is that it as a fertile bed to collect data and conduct outcomes research.

Telemedicine and the Role of State Medical Boards

Telepsychiatry via interactive or synchronous video-conferencing, a form of telemedicine, is bound by a broad tapestry of laws and regulations across the United States.

Advocating for Telepsychiatry in Psychiatric Training

How can the field of psychiatry facilitate the process of preparing early career psychiatrists for new opportunities to improve the quality of psychiatric care for under-served populations, while also developing new practice opportunities, via telepsychiatry?

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