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Mentorship, Leadership and Advocacy Opportunities for IMGs

IMG psychiatry residents can benefit from mentorship, leadership and advocacy opportunities at APA and other organizations, such as those listed below.

APA Fellowships

Several APA fellowships provide professional development and networking opportunities for residents to develop into leaders in the field of organized psychiatry. These fellowships are not ACGME-accredited or clinical in nature — other than the Community Diversity Fellowship, which provides an experiential component (which might include clinical experience). Rather, APA fellowships offer excellent opportunities for current U.S./Canadian psychiatry residents with at least one year of training remaining to gain leadership, research, mentorship and networking experience. Fellows learn about APA governance and structure by directly participating in their APA fellowship and contributing to APA meetings, publications and entities (councils and committees). Furthermore, fellows can get involved in their local APA district branch for more experience.

APA Awards

IMGs may qualify for many APA awards for contributions they have made to psychiatry — in leadership, research, human rights, advancement for women, medical education, teaching and more. Some awards require applications while others require nominations. Not all awards require current APA membership.

APA Components

A multitude of opportunities await for IMGs to participate in APA through its various divisions, by getting involved with APA leadership and advocacy at the state and national levels. Follow the links below to learn more about each division.

Other Organizations: Awards and Opportunities

IMGs may be eligible to apply for other awards and opportunities from organizations outside of APA; the links below offer more information. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. IMGs may be eligible for additional awards offered by the organizations mentioned and by others not listed here.

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