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Early Career IMG Resources

Early career psychiatrists (ECPs) are general members of APA who completed their training (ACGME-accredited residency/fellowship) no more than seven years ago. IMG ECPs face unique challenges as they continue to develop their identity as physicians and explore new opportunities after completing their training. The following are some tips and advice for handing these challenges.

Leadership and Mentorship for ECPs

Barriers that IMG ECPs typically face in their professional development include getting comfortable with their new clinical roles, gaining access to appropriate mentorship, preparing themselves for leadership roles, learning the business side of the U.S. health care system and navigating permanent residency in the United States. Below is a list of some opportunities for ECPs offered by different organizations.

American Psychiatric Association

APA Membership

Become a member of the American Psychiatric Association as an ECP and receive discounted membership rates for the first six years. ECP members also receive a complimentary online subscription to “Focus: The Journal of Lifelong Learning in Psychiatry.”

APA Assembly

APA Assembly provides the platform to get involved in advocacy efforts surrounding mental health issues, including parity, prescribing and confidentiality. Leadership opportunities exist at the national, district branch, state association and chapter levels for all members, including ECPs. District branch membership usually focuses on issues specific to your local area. Getting elected as a representative to the Assembly through the district branch can help you build an effective platform for becoming an advocate in the field of psychiatry.

Other leadership opportunities for ECPs in the Assembly include ECP area representative and deputy representative.

APA Caucuses

Becoming a member of one of APA’s minority and underrepresented caucuses will allow you to explore leadership opportunities, including as a representative or deputy representative.

APA District Branch and State Associations

Leadership opportunities exist at the national, district branch/state association, and chapter levels for all members including ECPs. Opportunities to become an active member of a local regional organization. Many regional organizations have ECP committees that provide a pathway to becoming a more active member of APA and to discovering new opportunities for leadership, mentorship and networking with experts in the field, nationally and regionally.

APA Research Colloquium for Junior Psychiatrist Investigators

Research Colloquium for Junior Psychiatrist Investigators offers professional development opportunities for beginner- and intermediate-level ECP research investigators who are residents, fellows or junior faculty.

International Application: Research Colloquium for Junior Psychiatrist Investigators is an immersive experience for beginner- and intermediate-level ECP investigators who are residents, fellows or junior faculty.

APA Research Fellowship

The Psychiatric Research Fellowship provides funding for an ECP research professional to design and conduct a health services/policy-related research study using national data housed at APA.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)


Become a member of various committees within AACAP. The Diversity and Culture Committee has an IMG Caucus, which provides a platform for IMGs to explore various leadership and mentorship opportunities.

Research and Awards for ECPs


American Association of Directors of Psychiatry Training (AADPRT)

American Medical Association (AMA)

American Medical Women’s Association

The American Medical Women’s Association has an active, growing community of International Medical Graduates. The organization aims to provide valuable resources for networking and mentorship for IMGs who are just starting their journey, practicing physicians who began their career as an IMG and physicians who are ready to help mentor IMGs. Resources such as monthly IMG Coffee Chats provide a platform for networking. Learn more at AMWA's IMG Resources.

Association for Academic Psychiatry

The Early Career Development Award for ECPs provides an opportunity for new educators to learn and share teaching techniques, skills and innovations through networking and mentoring.

Any full- or part-time psychiatry faculty member at or below the rank of assistant professor may be nominated by their chair (or the chair’s designee) for ADMSEP’s Devneil Vaidya Junior Faculty Teaching Award. Evaluations will emphasize the quality and breadth of the candidate’s teaching of medical education, educational endeavors (including administrative responsibilities), curriculum innovations and presentations at meetings, and awards or other forms of recognition of their teaching.

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