APA Statement on Shooting in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Washington, DC – The American Psychiatric Association released the following statement from President Altha Stewart, M.D., in response to the deadly shooting Wednesday night in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

“Our hearts are with the victims of yesterday’s deadly shooting and their families and loved ones. There is much we still do not know about this tragic event, but we must keep in mind that most people living with mental illness are not violent. Effective treatment is available for mental disorders, including PTSD, depression and suicidal thoughts. The victims of this act of violence and their loved ones should know that help is available to cope with the trauma and psychological distress caused by the shooting. Our members are available to help the community in Thousand Oaks heal.

“We at the American Psychiatric Association are concerned about the mental health impact of the epidemic of gun violence, which exacts a terrible toll on American families each year. We stand ready to work with federal lawmakers to take sensible, evidence-based action to prevent future deaths.”

American Psychiatric Association

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